ReadyList Webinar - Optimize Your EVS Operations

About this webinar

ReadyList's mobile solutions are used at top academic medical centers and improve EVS departmental performance. ReadyList is built on a collection of smart, digital checklists and organized to streamline your daily operations. Soon, you too will be confident in guaranteeing your clinical environment is 100% ready for patient care...always. Don't miss the opportunity to see ReadyList in action and ask questions of our team. Perhaps ReadyList is a fit for you!

What you'll learn

This webinar is tailored to EVS professionals, infection prevention practitioners, and nursing. After attending, you will learn how ReadyList:
  • Improves cleaning accountability, speed, and quality (and takes 7 minutes off a discharge clean)
  • Presents cleaning practices at the point of service (and reduces HA C.difficile infections by 56%)
  • Drives a "nurse-ready" patient room model (and saves nurses hours of hunting for equipment)
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Your Presenter

Brian Herriot
ReadyList, Inc.
  • Brian Herriot
    ReadyList, Inc.